Definitive Healthcare Acquires HIMSS Analytics' Data Services Business

A Special Message from CEO Jason Krantz



What's Happening:

Definitive Healthcare is proud to announce that we have acquired the vendor data services business of HIMSS Analytics. Today, Definitive Healthcare delivers a best-in-class data and analytics platform on healthcare providers for unmatched sales and marketing intelligence.

Build winning strategies, increase your market penetration, and grow your business with access to the most accurate and complete information on healthcare providers available in the market today.


New and Existing Definitive Healthcare Customers

Your Definitive Healthcare user experience will continue without interruption as we continue to invest in data excellence and technological superiority. Today, we deliver the finest purchasing intelligence, the best affiliations data, up-to-date executive profiles, cutting edge commercial claims data, and, now, deeper IT insights.


Existing HIMSS Analytics Data Services Customers

Welcome to our vibrant customer community! Definitive Healthcare will continue to provide the highest level of support and service to all existing customers of products. Over time, the datasets and functionality of Logic, Predict, Analyze, and custom research products will be combined into a single solution within the Definitive Healthcare platform to provide you with the best possible dataset to help you grow your business. In the meantime, your user experience and account relationship will remain the same.


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